RMS Power 1Ω: 1x3300w@1ohm
RMS Power 2Ω: 1x2048w@2ohm
RMS Power 4Ω: 1x1095w@4ohm
THD: < 1%
Input sensitivity: 200mV-5V
HPF: 1 5- 80Hz
LPF: 8 0- 20KHz
Bass Boost : 0 - 10. 5Db
S/ N: 105Db
Working Voltage: 9V-16V
Distortion clip lights
With remote controller
Size: 215x225x66.5mm

Cihaz montajında;
0GA FOR-X BAKIR OFC POWER KABLO kullanmanızı öneririz.
We recommend to use 0GA FOR-X OFC POWER CABLE.
XAD-3000.1 SPEC

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